Sleep Paralysis | Second Lucid Dream

This sleep paralysis dream is the one that looms over the first instant that I had penned down here: Parallel Universe Dream

I don’t wish to miss meticulous details because it might help someone figure out the true cause of it, or figure out in the long run, whether it is really something akin a parallel universe gateway or if it is nothing but a stark result of sleep paralysis.


The time gap was, well, as far as I could bring back to my memory, three to four months. I had moved in to a different place. I had company too. There were people who mostly stayed in their rooms, or were often seen in the living room. No one frequented my room much, unless it was absolutely necessary.

A jaded afternoon slumber happened as I drifted on my bed. I was in the same sleeping position as I was in when the first dream had happened. Was on my back, and my hand had accidentally found my chest once again. I must be lodged up good in a dream, when suddenly I felt an abrupt urge to wake up. I found myself trying to open my eyes real hard. As I did, I felt waking up.

I remember distinctly opening my eyes remembering the first dream remnants, and speaking to myself in my subconsciousness:

“Hey, it is the same portal I am venturing into.”

Maybe I had entered the parallel universe once again, I thought. I was extremely elated in my head to have finally found the trick to visit the netherworld.

I was in the same room sleeping on my bed. It was just as bright as it was few moments ago when I had gone to sleep. The door located to my left was wide open. Bright light shone through that as well.


I was really cocksure of the fact that this time I would try to move around a little bit and explore this world for sure. So, with the intent to make that wild thought come to fruition I decided to move around a bit. To my surprise, I felt riveted strangely to my bed. I tried to move but I couldn’t lift a finger. With an adamant head to finally cause the ripples that I wanted to create, I jostled my body up with utmost force possible. I heaved a little but fell on the bed once again. It seemed something was pulling me down stopping me from going further.


So, I slept there helpless for few seconds figuring out a way to saunter. Then it arrived. A white mist whose face I couldn’t figure out appeared into the room from the open door. It moved in swiftly and I could figure out the contour on it. For a second it felt to me that my mother had come into the room. Frantic I shouted out loud,

“Mother, is that you?”

But it moved on swiftly to my left. Unable to turn my face to see the stranger, I decided to lift my legs towards the left, so that I fall off from the bed, thinking at least it would be a good start.

sleep paralysis lucid dream white nag or ghost

So I lifted myself with immense force and felt myself heaving towards the left. I kept going this time determined to fall off from the bed on my feet. I could feel I was moving and that I was about to land on my feet. Then suddenly out of the blue I felt a tap on my shoulder, probably that mystical white lady’s doing. It broke the lucid dream I was having and I came back to the world of the living.


On waking up I found myself sleeping in the same position, but I hadn’t inched a bit. My hand was on my heart, the exact position I had found myself in when I had woken up after that first parallel universe dream. I was so sure of the fact that I had moved, and was about to fall, but finding out I was sleeping intact on my bed was disheartening beyond limit.

Elated that I had finally ventured and lingered into that elusive enclave of parallel universe. Pissed off that I was flung out of it like an insect. It was indeed very frustrating to come out of it without having a proper chance or time for exploration.

I tried going back to sleep but in vain. When I tried to find my roommates they were all holed up in their rooms, and nobody had come to my room either.


This brings us back to the concept of lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis. In a hypnopompic state, my mind projected me something that was already real, here my room, but filled it with subconscious ideas of people and things that I did not want impeding.

But I like to consider, what tapped me on my shoulder, nothing but a sleep paralysis hag trying to stop me from venturing further. Now that I think of it, seems as if we are allotted a fixed interval to scour the unworldly, beyond that something inexplicable will bring us back to our world. So unfair!

That dog like thing in the first dream and the white hag in this one seem to me as hired guards to stop those who try to enter the world of the dead, or the netherworld or the parallel universe.

There is yet another dream, a third one which ventures hard and good in the restricted territory. I plan to pen it soon. Maybe we could come up with a better theory as to what causes that sleep paralysis demon to show up despite my unflinching resolve to get into the bizarre side of the universe.

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