Short Story Horror Movies

A page intended to house great short story horror movies that we have discovered on the internet. It also showcases the ones that we have made ourselves.

Here’s one to get you started instantly. It is called “The Staircase”. Check it out:

  • The Staircase

The next one is also our creation. It is called “The Laundry Bag”. Check it out:

  • The Laundry Bag

Yet another creation by us. It is called:

  • Sleepover

We have also made this:

  • Ansh

On the Web

The following column holds the ones that we found on the internet. You are free to suggest thrilling horror flicks on this page as well. Check them all out.

  • I Heard It Too:


  • The Moonlight Man


  • 2 AM: The Smiling Man

  • Rasp

  • The Whistle

  • Internet Famous

  • Mr. Creak

  • The Jigsaw

  • Look-See