Animated GIF Graphics | Animation Collection of The Darkest Blog

This leaflet houses a collection of animated gif graphics from the Darkest Blog. Even though my animation collection doesn’t even come close to what you might call perfection, it still manages to steer you towards what is going on in the story. If you are unable to generate an image in your head, this animation collection will help you create one. This, of course, doesn’t doubt your thought process at all, rather helps to spice things up and flings you in the right direction.

Why Animated GIF Graphics

Adding an animation illustration like that helps put things in perspective. Growing up I was fond of reading picture books, and when I wouldn’t find one, it used to bum me out beyond limit. I used to wonder why there weren’t any illustrations in novels. Young and fantastical, my head would want to gawk painstakingly for hours at minute crisp details of a picture before proceeding to check what words had in store for me. I would succumb to yawns or lose interest if things weren’t on my frequency.

Words Create Stories

Goes without saying, all of it changed with time. My imagination proffered me a better insight, and I became silently aware that it is in fact WORDS that create pictures. That’s the beauty of our brain. Images get weaved by it with an avalanche of thoughts.

What’s the next best thing to images? Animation, of course. It is nothing but an affair of conjoined images that create a brilliant story per se. My insane love for animated stuff made me realize I could delve deeper and create something that’s not banal. That’s how animated gif graphics happened. That’s how my animation collection is abounding with mini stories.

Our Animation Collection

If you are a fan of my art, you can find all of them holed up in this very page. If you have a story to share please contact me through the Contact the Darkest Blog page, and I will rebuff your story with a rad animated gif graphics.

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