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There was a time when my sleep paralysis dreams were confined. Sleep paralysis demon attack wouldn’t happen, and I could feel the mundane growing in on me. The boredom of the stagnant would eat my alive, and I would secretly wish my brain to show me a glimpse of the netherworld again.

I would wait earnestly for my sleep paralysis dreams to occur, for the very fact that I truly believe that it is a way toward a parallel dimension. Maybe this time I would venture further. Maybe this time I would try to do something different. This time I would be prepared for the sleep paralysis demon attack. That’s all I would think.


There hasn’t been just one instant in the past, but three. You can read about those bizarre dreams here: The Dream Book

But now its surrealism gnaws at my soul. I have been going into the netherworld pastures quite frequently these days. What is quite surprising is the fact that every time I venture into that unknown world, I am finding different realities or virtualities. It is hard to say. There is no pattern to it, and so it is becoming kind of hard to put a pin to. Also, after I wake up, I don’t find my hand on my chest anymore. However, it should be noticed that my hand is often twisted. That leads me to believe maybe it has to do something with a nerve in there, a cramp aftermath or something.

Anyways this sleep paralysis dream in particular might throw some light on what could be going on with us right now. Remember The Matrix? How in the previous article Lucid Dreaming | Third Visit to the Alternate Universe I had compared whatever we see could be someone showing us a dream, and that if we unplug us somehow, we might go to the actual world. Those cogs are still afresh in my memory. Maybe that thought went into my subconscious, because the dream I saw skimmed strictly on such lines.


This happened some weeks ago when I was visiting my hometown. I was well asleep, properly lodged in a dream, when I suddenly became aware I was sleeping and that whatever I was about to see would be a dream. I have had many instances of lucid dreams in the past, so it has become a kind of a wont to try and open my eyes in the middle of it. So I did once again. My eyes flickered a bit, but with utmost care I opened them wide almost instantly.

I remembered how in one of my previous dreams, in Sleep Paralysis | Second Lucid Dream I was rendered ineffectual by my body’s inability to move. So instead of wasting time, I sprang up this time within split seconds. There was no moment to squander. I was well prepared for everything this time. It seemed to me as if I was ready to fight my fears too.


The first thing to do was to look back at my body. To see if I was really there sleeping, and if somebody or something had drilled me from behind, then I would like to get a glimpse of the person who was doing it. When I turned around I was surprised to find that instead of my body lying on the bed, there was a chicken. I went,


A fully roasted chicken slept there motionless, and right where my head was supposed to be, a devilish gargoyle sat in a squatting position. Both fingers of his hands were touching the non-existent head of that full featherless chicken. It seemed as if the gargoyle was lost deep in a trance. When it saw me stand, it did not budge. Maybe its eyes were closed. Or he was so lost in that trance that it didn’t care. It was more like a statue to be candid. So, I did not consider it a threat.

The weird setup looked almost poetic, as if I was some kind of a feeble person like a chicken, and that a devil was trying to show me the way. It seemed to me that the gargoyle’s job was to show me a dream, and that the chicken was a sheer embodiment of me.

animation of a gargoyle pointing its fingers at roasted full chicken sleep paralyis dreams

I know how absurd this all sounds, but this is exactly what I saw. Now, as I was up I wanted to explore the alternate universe properly. So, I moved around to check where I really was.


It was a well lit room, where I was. There were shiny glasses everywhere; lamps and mirrors scintillated the room with immense light. I checked myself in one of those misty mirrors. I could see myself so I thought:

“Well at least the mirrors work here.”

Then I went around the room checking everything, ensuring I don’t miss anything this time. I was talking to myself.

“Okay, so this is the first room.”

I moved on to a passage that was shimmering too. There were steps that dismounted into a further diversion of the corridor which was to open into other rooms. Just as I was about to descend, I saw the demon come.


Now in the past I have mentioned how there is always an entity in my dreams that attacks me for the mere reason that I am venturing into a world that is not permitted. I have encountered sleep paralysis demon attack before, but those tangible contacts were always harmless. The Sleep Paralysis Demon Attack would be more like a slap or a nudge to wake me up just so that I go back to my world again. Maybe it is not a demon, just a mere watchman to stop me from venturing further. Whatever the case might be, it always changes its form. This time it had no fix form.

It looked like a hybrid of a dog and a little boy wearing a white blanket. It was all very hazy; hard to make out its exact countenance. It rushed towards me when it found me. But I could make out its gait. It was trotting its way towards me at a constant speed. I stepped back without taking my eyes off it. Ready for it, I wanted to beat the crap out of that hag, primarily because I remembered how it would stop me from checking out that parallel universe.

I let it come towards me, meanwhile looking for something to hit it with. I found an empty bottle, and then waited for it to reach me. It was all very creepy as hell, but I felt prepped up from within.


I hit it with the bottle the moment it pounced on me, and then kept hitting it till it was all battered down to pulp. Victorious I moved forward with the intent to see everything before something inexplicable would pull me back into my world.


There were many rooms all shimmering owing to the glass they packed in. Then it hit me – it all looked like a game. That I could be a player in it, and that chicken-gargoyle point could be my spawning point. The first hag, the demon I found could be one of those creatures that are generally placed in games to stop you.

Even though that epiphany happened to me in the backdrop, I didn’t stop moving. The corridor went on and on. Rooms opened up into other rooms, but now everything was appearing like a game. I was well aware that I have ventured more than my usual time and that I have processed a lot of things.

Suddenly amidst that vexation and perspiration, I felt that tap. The tap that always wakes me up, whenever I am lucid dreaming. But this time it came from inside my head. I woke up, with my hand paralyzed as if someone had wrung it. However, I remembered every tiny bit of my dream, and I was kind of glad that I had advanced further in that alternate dimension. It was like a tiny achievement for me.


Now that I try hard to think about the absurdity of it all, it does seem kind of funny. But every single word I wrote here is what I saw. That sleep paralysis demon attack went dud, no doubt about that. It was almost like I attacked that demon and not that I became a victim to the sleep paralysis demon attack.

I surmise from that dream, one demon isn’t the only thing that decides the fate of their world. There is something elusive beyond our range of thoughts that is always watching us, our actions, making sure we see incomprehensible things and cloudy hotchpotch that never truly let us leave our world.

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