Lucid dreaming | Third Visit to the Alternate Universe

The third lucid dream happened. Yes, I went lucid dreaming once again. Just like those previous ones, Sleep Paralysis: Second Lucid Dream and Parallel Universe Dream: Sleep Paralysis Story, this new dream happened as well.

Funny these dreams seem to have a pattern. Now that I think of it maybe it has something to do with my moving. I had shifted once again to a new place. Or could it be something related to a time gap? Maybe a certain span is like a trigger for it. This lucid dream occurred not 3 to 4 months after the tattered remnants of the second dream. That makes me think about its timely relevance.

Another thing worth noticing about the surreal pattern is that it always occurs to me during the daytime. Not for once did the lucid dream ever show up during night. Or maybe I forget all about it during night. Hard to tell.

Also, the most important thing that we cannot certainly overlook is the fact that my hands are always found on my chest or near my heart whenever I end up lucid dreaming. When all of these prerequisites meet somehow, and I realize in my dream that I am conscious dreaming, I end up swaying towards the parallel universe. At least that’s what I like to believe.


It was a jaded afternoon time for me. On most Sundays whilst carrying on daily chores my body always has this weird tendency to give up. I am badly in need of a siesta and no matter how hard I try to stay awake, I always give in.

So, I dozed off inadvertently. Something pulled me back to reality. As I neared the threshold, I realized that I was dreaming. Lucid dreaming to be precise. So, snatching off the first thought off my head – that I get another chance to visit the elusive place, alternate universe, I decided to open my eyes just like I did in all of my previous dreams. My eyelids flickered unsteadily, till they were wide open.


I took in all the darkness that was around for a second. In the back of my head I knew I had arrived in the netherworld, or the alternate universe as my fancy mind reassured. It was pitch-black out there; hard for me to see anything clearly.

dream of parallel universe through lucid dreaming

I let my eyes adjust to the dark first scouring for answers. I could make it in that darkened mist, big belts of iron, making a crushing sound as it moved on. It appeared like colossal gears, cogs and chains filled up that world. The alternate universe was nothing but depressing machines that seemed to be working on something important. These machines were all functional. They worked at a snail’s pace.

It occurred to me I was moving, which at once made me vary of where I was. I was groping in the dark for a bit, when I realized I was sitting on something. To reassure that I at least touch the unworldly to truly believe that alternate universe was a tangible territory, I decided to feel what I was sitting on.

I took my right hand underneath my bum to feel what I was comfortably sitting on. I felt a hard surface, something like hard plastic or steel chair or something. I was so frantic to have finally touched something that didn’t belong to my world, that in the backdrop I began to think of how exciting it all was.


A sudden thought slipped my mind. I began to think our life is like what they showed in the movie Matrix. I had just found out that something or someone was showing me a dream called reality.

Could it be that I had flickered my eyes open accidentally to see the vision they were trying to conceal. Waking up in that parallel universe, I had touched my seat where I was compelled to sit. That, I wasn’t the only one, and that conveyor belt of seats housed more bodies just like me.

Just as that thought struck me, suddenly I felt a tap. Somebody clouted on the back of my head, and I came back.


I had a big smile when I woke up. It was a huge achievement. I had finally ventured deep into the alternate universe. But most importantly I had touched something there. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it.

I was sad only because I wanted to see everything, scavenge the unexplored and see where those conveyor belts took me. I was curious:

Where was I moving? What controlled me? Who controlled me?

I reckoned that it must be none other than that conscious watchman who had not let me proceed and explore the alternate universe, and he/she might have snapped me out of it.

But I had finally inched closer to the theory of our existence through my lucid dreaming techniques. I take pride in that very fact.

It felt like a world that controlled us. Maybe one day I shall get off that seat to see where we really are. Inch away from this false world?

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