Scary Story | Dud horror in the inanimate

This isn’t a ghost story exactly rather a scary story. One of those kinds where your mind plays tricks on you and in the end the revelation makes you shake your head thinking how daft you are.

My very own Scary Story

I lived in a terrible house once. It was more of my own doing. My life was constantly going through a rare pandemonium escaping from which would give me immense euphoria. So I finally escaped people. You could read all about the rental and how bad it was here: The Rental in my Wilderness

Amongst a dozen tales that happened during my short stint there, this was the most unusual ones. Here goes the scary story:

Every day I would wake up and turn my speakers on to play my badass playlist. That’s the first thing I would do. Then I would scamper away to perform my refreshment chores humming to the beats of my woofers. I would brush my teeth, dance because no one would be watching, wash utensils and see what needed my utmost attention.

The flat was huge for a puny guy like me. I would usually sleep in the hall because it is an epitome of space. In a way, it made me think of freedom. I slept on a mattress because it was a temporary arrangement and I had no plans on prolonging there. My speakers too sat on the floor right next to a power socket since I didn’t have a desk or anything. No furniture.

So, every day this happened: In the back of my head, I had somehow managed to see, whenever I would be going out, the position of my sub-woofer would change. So if it was parallel to the wall it would end up becoming perpendicular to it. Sometimes oblique, sometimes with a 180 degree turn. I hadn’t actually paid attention to it, but somehow it started getting lodged in my brain inadvertently in a gradual process. I wasn’t really sure it was happening so I never paid heed but one day, one fine day I decided to notice.the darkest blog woofer scary story gif

I woke up once again playing my favourite songs and then rushing towards the toilet. When I came back for something I found it a little slanted, changed from its course. That’s when I decided to pay heed to it. I went to it, rearranged my sub-woofer all parallel to my wall, noting this down with all my senses, and then went for a bath. As I was cleaning myself up I began thinking in the shower,

“What if I go and find it has changed its direction again? What if there is a ghost in my house?”

I was laughing with the sheer thought of it, of how stupid I sounded. I wouldn’t shut my eyes too long wondering if that The Grudge woman would show up right behind me. I know it sounds silly but fear has a weird way of showing it.

So, when I was done I came out headed straight for the hall, smiling and laughing talking to myself,

“You stupid guy, what things you think of…….”

Then suddenly my eyes fell on the woofer. To my sheer surprise it had turned again, this time, some 45 degrees from where I had originally left it. My smile was wiped off. I looked around to check all my rooms. It couldn’t possibly be. I had just left it some minutes ago pointing to the other wall, and it had drifted away, as if it preferred this new position. I wasn’t inebriated either. All those horror movies and scary stories I had seen as a kid came dangling in front of my eyes. What should be the next possible move?  What should I do?

I lived alone. So you can imagine the sheer horror of it. But I am a ballsy player deep down, and I have never believed in miracles because I haven’t ever seen them. But this one, right here, was like a miracle to me. I wanted get to the bottom of it. So I went straight up to the sub-woofer, made it once again parallel to the wall and squatted there like spider-man brooding over his city. All this time the woofer was playing my favourite songs, so it didn’t feel like I was all alone.

I was convinced that I wouldn’t go to work until and unless I get to the bottom of it, after all I had to come back after sunset. That’s when ghosts are on the prowl! So I sat there for minutes looking at the sub-woofer. When I did I noticed it moving automatically without anyone around to move it. But then it occurred to me why it was happening.

The Revelation Part of the Scary Story

My speakers were in full volume, and due to the vibration that packed in owing to full bass, it was causing the woofer to move. The tremor was causing it to move right where it was. I saw it rotate to a complete right angle and thought to myself,

What a fool I am to think otherwise!”

I then laughed at my naivety and then stormed off feeling contented for my find. The fact that ghosts don’t exist hammered further in. But the scary story was a rare case in my life, and its timing couldn’t have been perfect – when I was all alone.

Special Thanks to my Speakers

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  1. Ha ha ha … you even missed the normal science out it … Making u think otherwise …but scary was it ….. when it would have been … tadaaaannn !!Q!

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