Tinnitus and the Wasp Scary Story

Tinnitus or the ringing in the ear has often been connected to ghosts. Well, I know it sounds like a whole bunch of baloney. But just try to think in that direction once. Doesn’t it make a silent promise to thrill you when you try to link it up with the unfathomable?

When I kept encountering tinnitus for three days straight, unusual things started happening.

Fortress of Solitude

Ever wondered, how when your room is constantly bustling with people, you are barely listening to anything. It is when you are really alone that you begin to pay attention, and all those noises that were already there somehow spring alive.

It was one of those days when my roomies were all gone home, and I was all by myself in my flat. Because they used to be there all the time, I had never noticed the clock ticking, the whizzing sound the refrigerator used to make, the occasional burst of plastic bottles due to expansion, silent yet loud noises in my house that were forever present. Were they there? I can’t seem to remember.

My light was switched off. I prefer darkness around while working as there is always my laptop light to assist me. The light in the kitchen was burning bright. I was busy writing, when all of a sudden I felt a small insect crawl towards me all the way from the kitchen.

Of course, I wasn’t paying attention. I barely looked even. All my sub-conscious could manage was a small silhouette of an insect scampering towards my laptop. I was so much engrossed in my work that I didn’t bother and with the flick of my finger, redirected the insect towards the kitchen. I hoped that it had simply lost its way, that it wanted to go towards the light of course. And my kitchen’s light was the only light that was well lit.

Tinnitus – Ringing in the Ear

After working for a few more minutes, I felt the same familiar movement go in the background. The same insect had come sauntering all the way from where I had flung him. I didn’t pay heed even this time, just waited for it to reach my laptop once again before flicking it with my middle finger.

Engulfed deeply in my work I felt my right ear go off. A sudden tinnitus erupted for some seconds as I tried tapping my ear. I wondered how out of nowhere that ringing started. This time I saw that insect once again make its way towards me.

“What the….”

I stopped this time to take a good look at it. It arrived finally near my laptop. To my surprise, it was a wasp. I had been flicking a frigging wasp! I once again did the same but really hard this time, and felt that tinnitus return right after, as I dug my index finger in my ear wondering what was really wrong.

Flicking a Wasp tinnitus scary story

Then I looked around in the darkness of my room. It was quiet. Nothing moved. Soon the tinnitus went away not to return again. Loaded under work, I too forgot about the wasp and the tinnitus.

The Next Day

The next day was the same when I was all alone and swamped under work. Almost about the same time, I felt that tinnitus visit me once again. But there was no sign of the wasp. Then I began listening to the noise of my house. Something would tap at the window. The fan would sometimes make a noise out of the blue. The table in the first room would creak. Or the refrigerator would make a popping noise at irregular intervals.

The day after that too the tinnitus was there, almost about at the same time. What was causing it I wasn’t sure, because there was nothing around, and it only happened when I was all alone, working.

The Company

That day, however something unusual happened. Just when I was poking my finger in my ear, becoming conscious of my environment, I felt something leave my bed. I became really frightened. I switched on the lights to confirm if something was indeed there. But there was nothing.

The fourth day was a huge relief since one of my roommates returned and all that quiet suddenly waned away. Maybe it was all in my head, or maybe the supernatural decided to mess with my brain when I was indeed listening. But that tinnitus seemed to be somehow connected with something and it wasn’t just a result of a chemical imbalance in my body, because it never happened after that.

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