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In my frequent joyride of Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations, comes a new entry. The Dream Book finds it. This one as intriguing as others. A tad terrifying because of how your mind plays tricks on you. But exciting nevertheless.

I was well lodged pressed on a punishing seat with a journey too tiring to wake up and experience. I chose to sleep. It made my sleeping regime a haphazard affair. I woke up and then slept again. I wasn’t aware if sleep paralysis was going to hit me, hit me once again with its voracious jaws. It would be this frequent, I hadn’t known. Didn’t have the slightest inkling.

Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations

I was sleeping on a seat with my imprinted blanket slithered on me. When suddenly I got that familiar feeling of me experiencing a dream. I opened my eyes at once and found a body placed against mine. It was sleeping parallel to me. A black robe, the quintessential ghost that I had been experiencing every time I encountered sleep paralysis hallucinations. I wasn’t afraid, but I stared at its half visible body wondering if it would snap me out of my misery. I didn’t want to go into a body arrest like I had gone in the train incident, this time with a ghost so close to give me company. The thought of it was even more terrifying.

So, I closed my eyes once again, hoping to not see him around the next time I disclosed them. But then since I knew that I was lucid dreaming and that I was having sleep paralysis hallucinations, I decided to open them again to overcome my fear. But there in the imprints of my blanket, I saw a little monster take form. I at once dilated my eyes to check what I had just seen.

Debossed on it was a floral pattern that looked pretty vague to form into any form. There was no monster. Nothing there. Suddenly my eyes flickered back to the semi-open state, and those floral patterns turned into the little monster again. It stared at me moving within the lines of the pattern, calling me out, dancing around. From the light that came from the window appeared that same black robe. I couldn’t open my eyes properly to take a good look at him. The struggle to do that was punishing.

gif animation of man sleeping in a bus disturbed by pothole sleep paralysis hallucinations

Ending the Hallucination

He stared at me in the backdrop as that little monster dangled in front of my eyes, and it went on and on. I slept there hoping that they would wake me up like how my other sleep paralysis hallucinations have always ended – with a mere flick or a slap to send me back into the world of the living. But they didn’t budge.

It was the bus and a blessed pothole that did it for me. It sent me flying in the air for a microsecond and all those minutiae disappeared like a distant dream.

I woke up for real, found nothing around and then decided to type this out.

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