Real Exorcism Story | Live Exorcism with Actual Footage

If you have experienced a real exorcism before, reading this might make you uncomfortable. I have never really believed in any of it, but then there was an exorcism real footage that came straight from my father’s camera, that filled my head with bazillion doubts.

You see, my parents have a learned pundit, a sage who deals in all matters of the unexplained, as their mentor. Amongst many of his clandestine powers, the power to deal with the unworldly is what strikes me as strange. He is a part time exorcist, and helps those in need whenever he finds it fit. To be really candid, to me as an atheist, everything seems baloney. But this particular area, the ghost zone, is something I wish to deliberately scavenge. It is something that I hold a particular interest towards, and scrutinize it with rapt attention.

Real Exorcism Story

The story begins with its roots deep into a family muck. I had never taken much interest into any family drama before, until one day my mum explained why she had invited Mina and her little kid to our house to stay with us for a few months. Apart from the apparent, that she was a far-off relative, which was a good enough reason for her to be invited, there were other reasons too that she deemed necessary to share. She broke it to me that Mina was having problems in her house. Not only was that the primal reason, but she was also facing some trouble with a ghost.

The last topic intrigued me, and I implored her to explain more.

The Mina Backstory

Mina’s story was like a constant downward tumble ever since her daughter ventured into a place that was forbidden. One fine day she unknowingly entered a house whilst playing to find a witch carrying out her witchcraft rituals. In that surreal fleeting moment, the witch looked at her with a lancing sneer and the little girl ran all the way back home trembling. Her eyes had reddened, she complained about constant body pain and before Mina could put sense into the situation she caught a high fever. In those silent talks with her mother she might have had shared where she had accidentally went. Because after that her real misery struck. Maybe it was like an instigator that seeped fear in her mind.

Mina was trudged upon arrogantly by her uncaring family on numerous occasions before. There was no love in the family for her, and her husband had none left either. It was a constant tussle she faced on a regular basis, to prove her worth only to get lanced by a scorn or a disdainful remark.

The Fiery Tragedy

It was one of those regular days of her incessant woe, that she was ordered by a fuming husband to fetch her a glass of water. When she came back with one, he spotted something afloat in it. So she went again to change it. This time the husband fiercely shouted at her, complaining that it had something in it. Whilst the reverberation was enough to make her really mad, she went in the kitchen again, only to reflect on what she was doing, and that there was nothing in this life that made sense to her, that she should end it.

With an instinctive compelling she lit a match and gawked at its light. Within seconds, her thin sari caught fire and she blacked out. Her bangles melted right in her skin and her hand was brutally burnt. But just in time, her husband stopped the fire from getting her. The aftermath to the tale was that her hand and got badly scalded. The chars of the event are still inscribed on it. Her palm lines have been re-written in ashes.

The fact that she still cannot remember what had exactly happened surprises people. After that Mina would claim that she feels invariably haunted. She would often find a dreary face mould itself on the wall from time to time. Sometimes she would be awakened by someone, or something inexplicable in the middle of the night, and then she would be too scared to go to sleep. What confirmed the fact further was that her family had pointed out on numerous occasions her terrible mood swings that confirmed them that there was something really ghastly and fishy going on.

Confiding in my Mother

She had often confided in my mother about the safety of her child. That she was churning into dangerous colors which she didn’t approve of herself. It was in the best interest of her and her family, to get things checked out. There were also so many things going on in her life that decimated her as a person. The family she was a part of didn’t change their comportment towards her even after the tragedy. They were horribly unfair to her. My mother understood a break would do her good. So she summoned her to our place, with an intent of helping her out with her condition.

My father had arranged Mina’s meeting with that Pundit few days after she had arrived with her kid. I didn’t find anything unusual going on with her when I saw her, or during any of those days of her stay. Pretty normal she appeared, she had a gala time with my parents, away from atrocities that seemed to have belittled her at her original home.

Actual Exorcism Footage Suggestion

When the day of the meeting arrived, I suggested my father to take the camera with him, to shoot a real exorcism footage, a live exorcism video. He complied as he himself was thrilled to witness one. These are those rare exhilarating topics that endeavour to defeat our normalcy. Anything on it and everybody wishes to get a piece of it. I suggested this primarily because I wanted to see it for myself, and point out the uncanny in our canny. Also probably to store it as a souvenir to remember it by.

So, Mina and her daughter went to the Pundit with my father as the spectator with the camera to get their real exorcism over with. Her daughter would always stay with her at all times, since she was only a kid and a really shy person who would never leave her mother’s aegis.

animation of water circle being created to stop ghost from escaping

The first thing the Pandit did, was ask Mina and her daughter to sit at a certain spot. He then took some water and then created a “water circle” around them. He followed it up with an exorcism prayer ensuring the ghost remains trapped in that very circle.

That’s how my father described it all on returning. He had placed the camera right in front of her where she was seated cross-legged on the ground. The recording turned out to be more than an hour long and was abounding of her formidable shenanigans.

Live Excorsim Real Footage Caught on Camera

It began with how every exorcism begins. With that big question:

“Who are you?”

I figured out watching that real exorcism footage that the chores to expunge the evil are more or less the same the way we find it in horror movies. Every religion has a similar way of dealing with it. But only an expert exorcist could perform chores correctly.

My father told us how her eyes turned red almost immediately. As she answered the first few questions of the Pundit, she beamed up finding her daughter right next to her. She started kissing her so savagely that at one point my father felt that it seemed to him the demon in her was trying to taste her. That it would eat her alive. At that point the exorcist beseeched her to let her daughter go and with a subtle play of exorcism prayer made sure that the demon in her listened. Her daughter ran like crazy, on finding out her mother was possessed.

animation of eyes reddening after the advent of ghost

Prolonged Live Exorcism

The whole exorcism process was carried out for more than an hour, an interminable affair of inquisition. Amidst all that Mina kept her eyes closed and seemed to spoke from her insides. The demoniac behavior pervaded the calm air in profusion. She would laugh like crazy; sometimes she would shout at her exorcist. There were reasoning and explanations but nothing out of the ordinary happened. By that I mean what they show on TV where the ghost tries to hurt people or the possessed starts capering around breaking things or levitating. Nothing of that sorts happened. That real exorcism video didn’t have chairs uprooting or ghost walking upside down. So, the actual exorcism footage turns out to be boring for the hidden thrill of it.

My hard disk still carries her actual exorcism footage. It is hard to make out the crimson in her eyes, since the positioning of the camera wasn’t the best. But I can still see Mina rotating her head, laughing crazy laugh, talking in that loud pitch, shouting at the poor pundit, and at the end of all reacting as if the ghost had escaped her body.

She went on to live few more months with us before returning to her abode. But in all her vacation time, I never sensed anything queer. My father would reason often that it was because she had been exorcised and that she was now ghost-free.

The Final Dubious Verdict

Whatever the case might be or might have been, it certainly becomes hard to reason with. I cannot certainly rule out the actual video footage that I saw and have. I cannot rule out what my father saw – a live exorcism taking place in front of his eyes. She didn’t know the pundit before arriving here, so nobody was really horsing around, and yet it all happened. That’s what vexes me.

I used to think that maybe it is the mentality that clicks the people who believe they are possessed with exorcists. That there is probably a silent understanding that ensures the profession stays intact even in today’s age of science. Sometimes I think that it could be because of her hardship she created the concept of ghost and went on for a real exorcism as a resort. An emotional vent of hers to escape her wretched life. Because that’s how I am able to reason with it. But didn’t I see a real exorcism take place? How do we explain that? Could she all be doing that on purpose? Then why do exorcists comply with every victim they ever find? Is that a mind trick?

After watching that real exorcism real footage, I don’t know really. My judgments have lately become clouded.

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