You – A Short Scary Story

‘You’ is a work of fiction that I recently penned. Heads up! It will be complete badass if imagined properly. Hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed imagining and writing it. Happy reading!

You – A Short Story

For Jenny, her life was all about videos, photos, and texts, in short, her mobile phone. She would be constantly on it. Either she would be chatting, going through her timeline, or watching a video on Youtube, something would always be playing on her phone. And she would be busy with it.

Even at parties, even when her mother would be shouting at her, even when she would be in her bed, her mobile phone would be buzzing.

She missed on life so much she had no clue about. But she didn’t care about the world. It was the world she had created for herself that she was more interested in.

At the Gym

It was a usual day at the gym for her. She preferred to hit it in the evening. Since it had become more of a habit, she would always check her phone between her reps and sets. The time when you are supposed to relax, she would choose to invest herself in her favourite pastime.

She had failed to notice that she was all alone in the Yoga section. It was quite late since everybody had already left.

There were huge mirrors at one end, with one common entry point to the room. A set or two were still left in her clock, when she stopped to check a Youtube video that was sent to her via messenger. It read “You”.

Intrigued she opened the video. There was a girl in the video standing still in the center of a room with a mobile phone in her hand.

The Realization

Jenny didn’t get it first but then it struck her. It was her. And the room was the one she was in. It was LIVE! She was looking at her mobile phone just as she was looking at it then. She turned around to check the gym room becoming conscious all of a sudden.

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The light in the corner flickered. The mirror reflected her. She once again went back to the video and confirmed that it was indeed her by raising her left hand and tossing it up in the air, moving it around randomly. And the video reflected exactly what she did in perfect unison.

Jenny turned around to look at the direction of the camera. She walked towards the corner and realized that there was nothing but a mirror there. There couldn’t have possibly been a camera; she had been going to the same gym for years.

She reassured the video run time and it was two minutes. So she kept watching hoping to see if somebody was trying to pull a prank on her.

The Company

A little girl dressed in white showed up in the video at the door of the room. Jenny at once turned around to check the door. There was nobody there. She checked the video once again, and the girl was already in the room. She once again looked at the empty space ahead. There was nobody there. But the video showed that there was indeed someone.

What used to be a regular gym experience was quickly turning into something scary for Jenny.

This time when Jenny went to the video the little girl was standing freakingly close to her. Jenny stepped back scared, and fell. The mobile phone bounced from her hand and fell on the ground.

She checked the void ahead. Nothing there!

Then she peeked into the video once again. The video showed her glancing into the mobile phone with the little girl right behind her.

With that, Jenny picked up the phone and ran towards the door. But something stopped her from escaping. She went up in the air, the mobile phone dropped and the video showed the rest of her fate.

Twisted beyond recognition she fell to the ground with blood spurting out from all joints in her body.

The video went dark. It read “Play Again”.

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