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A recent chat with a newly made friend tingled the topic of witch stories. He had his own personal experience to share. Intrigued I asked him to tell the story. Despite him being laconic about it, he gave in to my continuous pestering.

He pointed out his goosebumps whilst he narrated, and it was fathomable. Apparently, the bloke was dead scared that night.

Here, goes the story, a recent addition to our category of witch stories. I have written it in first person so that you relate to it more. Hope you enjoy it as much as I was thrilled listening to it.

Witch Stories – Witches from the Grave

I waited at the Amritsar airport occasionally looking at the time on my mobile phone. It was 1 AM already. Where is this guy?

I called up my uncle once again asking him his whereabouts.

“Oh! You are still waiting? Change of plans! He has already stopped in New Delhi. No need to stay there. Come back home!”

“Dammit! What a waste of time!”

I replied under my breath. Then I turned around to leave. When I reached my car in the parking, I found a man sitting with his luggage on the pavement looking up at the street lights.

“Hey there! Are you waiting for someone?”

I asked him casually.

He kept looking at the lights one by one, as he replied,

“I was waiting for a cab, but couldn’t find one.”

When I heard that, I thought I would give the poor guy a lift, if he was going in my direction.

“Where are you headed Paaji?”

I asked almost immediately.

“I am headed towards Gurdaspur.”

“What a coincidence. I live in Gurdaspur. Hop on, I will drop you there. No issues!”

The Weird Traveler

The man stood up still busy looking at the lights one by one. I picked his luggage to put it at the top of the car, but he blurted out,

“No! No! Not there. Inside! Inside!”

A second ago he didn’t have any help, now that he has, he thinks he owns it. I started thinking maybe it was a mistake offering this guy a ride.

I complied and put his stuff inside. But to my surprise, found him sitting in the back seat.

I remarked,

“Why don’t you come and sit with me in the front?”

“No I am fine here.”

came back the reply.

What a weird dude! I thought to myself. I adjusted the rearview mirror on his face just to avoid any surprises. Then I started the engine, and the car lurched forward.

As I was about to take a left turn to leave the airport, the man shouted from behind,

“One sec, one sec, take a right turn first and take me towards the entrance.”

I took a right instead of a left. As we came parallel to the entrance, he asked me to slow down.

“Okay! She’s not here. Let’s go!”

I thought maybe he had a wife or someone close to him, he must have been looking for. Without asking any more questions, I hit the main road.

Empty Roads

It was only when the road became empty, when he spoke again.

“Drive fast!”

I felt like a driver who was being ordered around to do whatever the man asked me to. What is wrong with the world, I thought to myself.

I dabbed the throttle and the car leaped ahead. On both the sides of the road were trees. My car’s headlights were the only way to deduce that. The place would have been otherwise really dark. The time must have been 2 AM and we were the only ones on that road. An odd time to be, an odd place to be at and with an odd company sitting behind.

I could notice from the mirror, the guy was sweating. Maybe it was my driving I thought, but I didn’t lower my speed.

Near a Gurudwara

As we were about to cross a Gurudwara, the man shouted,

“Stop the car! Stop the car!”

I didn’t understand why. I hit the brakes and took a left cut to stop at the gate of the Gurudwara. As soon as I stopped, the man ran towards the gate shouting,

“Help! Help! I am being tortured.”

I was dumbstruck. What the hell? I thought as I got down from the car. Men from Gurudwara came with swords and sticks to help the fellow out.

He pointed towards me asking the men to do something.

I at once tried to explain myself,

“Oh! Brothers! This guy is mad.”

I was about to defend myself more when the same man asked me to come quickly towards him to safety. He was pointing towards something on the roof of the car.

Even though I was relieved that he didn’t mean me, I was curious as to what was really on the roof of the car. But I found nothing.

When I went to the guy, he told me the whole story,

What Had Really Happened

The man explained to me that he handled a construction site in Dubai. They had found two graves while excavating and the workers had asked him, what needed to be done.

Without any sense of apathy, he had almost shouted,

“Get rid of those immediately!”

It was later that night he began seeing two witches – one was the mother while the other was her daughter. They followed him all the way from there till he returned to his home. On the airport, when he sat on the pavement they were sitting on the street lights.

car horror witch stories animation

They came on the roof of the car and followed us as we drove. He didn’t tell me about them or I wouldn’t have taken him in the first place.

When he had asked me to speed up, he said that the mother witch was dangling in front of the windscreen. While her daughter was waving towards my right.

Too afraid to say anything, I looked at my car once again. It took me more than a day to muster up the courage to drive it again. The man, on the other hand, left early in the morning, in a bus where he claimed that he would be safe with all the people around.

“They don’t come when I am in a crowd.”

I still remember him saying. I don’t know what happened to the bloke later on, but whenever I think of that day my I am shuddered with the thought of allowing people to hitch-hike.

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