Spooky Story | Lost Boy on the Road

This weird spooky story sounds too indigestible to believe. But since there is a teensy thrill lurking here somewhere I would like to put this on paper nevertheless.


Religion makes money out of fear. Pick up a fanatic and he will always have something fearsome to tell you. So, that you cave in, obliterate into pieces from within and like the timid person you are, give in to accept the faith for the mere fact that you don’t wish to encounter the ugly side of the unknown.

We do that. We turn to something that claims. Sadly, there is nothing more powerful in claiming to understand the unfathomable. Religion is a gory beast that thrives on your fear. This spooky story is based upon that very fear.


A pundit and his disciple were returning to their abode after an unrelenting ritual session. They had ventured far from their regular course, into another town to perform their rituals. The homa took all of their energy and offerings and they were tired as hell. They had to relax for a while before hitting the road again. But when they did, it was already night time.

The disciple drove the bike whilst the sage sat behind him. The way home was uninhabited, the road very dark, as the trees seemed to cloud the clouds. The moon sang stories and the light was enough to make out silhouettes in the dark. They talked about their impending routine and what was on the cards the next day.

As the engine purred they felt the silence of the night broken by their bike noise. Also, their occasional talks disturbed the living, if there was any around. The only company they had in the middle of that dead night was each other’s. The road was simply empty.

pundit and disciple riding the bike

As the bike lunged ahead in full speed, their eyes fell on a little boy who was walking on the side of the road. He seemed lost. The disciple slowed down his bike to address the matter at hand.


As they neared the boy, and the engine was shut, the Pundit inquired the sobbing boy what he was doing there.

“I can’t find my mother. I am lost. I don’t know the way back home.”

The boy replied in tears.

image of the crying child from the ghost story

The pundit and the disciple felt sorry for the lad, and decided to give him a lift. Maybe the nearby villagers would know something about the child’s mother and might take care of him too. With the intent to drop him there they let him accompany them.

The disciple started his bike once again, and the pundit lifted the boy up and put him in between him and the driver. As, the bike roared and began to amble, it seemed to them as if something heavy had got on the bike. It wasn’t going at its full speed. Unperturbed the disciple accelerated going for a full throttle, and the engine roared like anything. But the distance covered by the bike was so less that it was becoming an exercise in futility.

Suddenly the Pundit looked behind at what was stopping them from going full speed. To his surprise he found the legs of the little boy all stretched out from the very spot he was picked. The boy sat unruffled between them, showing no pain. As the pundit noticed that, realized what it was, in sheer shock he lifted the boy up and flung him over as he felt him disappear in a mist.

With the weight lifted the bike lurched ahead. The surprised disciple asked if everything was fine. The pundit asked him to keep driving without looking behind, and so he did. They didn’t stop until they reached their home safe and sound.


I call plain bullshit on this spooky story. Though it had its moments of thrill, something like that seems too far-fetched, and deliberately concocted to scare you. It is highly improbable. Maybe there was a tad horror in the fact that they found a sobbing child on a dark road, that their bike suddenly stopped moving due to the weight on it. But to frame something like stretched legs, seems like a work of fiction nothing less than the Fantastic Four hero.

We really don’t know if it is a true spooky story or a framed one. Given the place this is coming from, a religious head, I have no doubt it was made to scare you, so that you, not for a minute, stop believing in evil.

Special Thanks to Jaydeep Joshi

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