Sleepover – A Short Story

Sleepover is another dark satire. It has a metaphorical ending which might baffle or at the same time might blow your mind away. Let’s see if you understand the poetry behind it.


Kavya is a coming of age teen obsessed with skinny models and actresses, in short, like any other average teenager. Her only problem – she is fat. She wishes to be like one but it’s hard for her to control her unwatchful eating habits.

She is having a sleepover with her best friend Noor whom she hasn’t seen in a while. She rings her up to ask her whereabouts and literally commands her to show. She has all fun activities planned out. There is so much to catch up on with her and there are so many games to play. She couldn’t wait to see her bestie.

Ding dong!

The doorbell rings, as Kavya springs out of her bed to greet her friend. Kavya’s mother appears from the kitchen greeting her as well. Since it’s dinner time, she asks them to have some dinner. But Noor refuses, she has already had her dinner. Kavya is quick to cut in reminding her mom that she’s on a diet.

They rush in locking their door from the inside.

Sleepover Activities

Thus begins their usual sleepover regime. It entails various activities, right from talking about boys to playing with their dolls and soft toys. They take selfies to post on Facebook and paint each other’s nails with the latest trendy nail polishes.

Just when they are in the middle of their activities, Kavya’s mother taps the door. She walks in with a plate full of food items for Kavya to eat. She places it on a table next to the bed, asking her to eat it. Kavya doesn’t respond. She has been avoiding food at night.

They shut the door on her and once again begin to play. Looking at a photograph of a skinny model Kavya confides in Noor that she wishes to be lean like her.

“I wish someone ate my fat.”

Soon both of them end up digging into their own phones, and that’s when they begin to feel sleepy. So they decide to call it a night.

Late Night Thirst

It is around 2 AM when Kavya feels thirsty at night. She wakes up to find the glass that her mother had kept on the table empty. The food is still sitting there intact. She walks out into the kitchen and chugs down half a bottle of water. That’s when she begins to feel hungry too so she starts fiddling around with food items kept in the refrigerator.

sleepover animation short story

As she is about to return to her room, from the kitchen she stops midway. To her horror, the food plate that was filled up to the brim is now empty.

Terrified she walks into the room to get a closer look. As she turns around to check her bed, she finds a demon sitting on Noor’s body. He is busy eating her “fat”. He looks at Kavya chewing her intestines, as blood drips from its mouth.

That’s when Kavya wakes up.

She checks on Noor and relaxes on finding her intact, and fast asleep. Shaking it off as a bad dream she turns around going to sleep once again unaware of the fact that the plate on the table is indeed empty.

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3 thoughts on “Sleepover – A Short Story

    1. Mmmm, actually the part where she sees the demon eating her friend’s guts is basically a dream. So the question is who is eating all the food?

      The fact that it is Kavya herself is something that I tried to hide. It is her, it has been her who has been eating all the food. The fact she cannot stop her late night urges is basically the reason that’s been stopping her from getting toned.

      The monster is just a symbolism, a subconscious personification that was created because of what she said.

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