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Witch folklore is still prevalent today in hushed talks. Every now and then you come across scary witch stories of witch encounter that are outright spine-chilling. When I found a bizarre mythus via word of mouth, I decided to put it on paper under the aegis of scary witch stories. The tale brings out front, a mystical way of witch encounter, and an odd pairing that seemed to work every time because of their contrasting yin and yang nature.

The Odd Yet Befitting Pair

What comes to your mind when you think about a perfect couple? Those in love. Really? Well, love dies at one point, and then what remains is endless scouring to find your place in the world. If you fit like a missing piece in the puzzle of life, well, then you have got yourself a keeper. A similar pairing, as odd it might seem, fit too like a perfect glove – The witch and the witch doctor. The latter is also quite famous as Shaman or Bhagat.

It felt like a perfect deal that was bound to keep the show running. Just like an evil doctor would spread a virus just to draw patients out in the open, so that his business would never slow down, the duo too seemed to have found their way to rake in moolahs.

Scary Witch Stories: The Witch Encounter

It was one of those rare days, when a small village’s evening erupted to a deafening uproar. Weddings in India are a constant bedlam of confusion, so it was no surprise to some. But the actual reason for the turmoil was not the wedding, but as a fellow villager would put, nay, shout:


It so happened that a palanquin was brought down amidst a bustle of curious eyes. Everyone wished to see who the litter hid. The crowd that came to see the groom was enormous. People of all kind showed up irrespective of their statures; it was the sheer curiosity in their eyes that carried them. Nothing can beat that!

An old witch stood gazing, waiting to prance on its prowl, in the very front row. Or maybe she too was just inquisitive like others and wished to see who the promised guy was, who had arrived at their gates to take away one of theirs. Rude as he was, the brother of the bridegroom tried to push away the crowd, with both his hands asking them to stay back, to give space to the promised prince to breathe. Or it was just a vain show of disdain that had him feel superior to those who waited with batting eyes.

“You are smothering him! Get back!”

Maybe in that rare fleeting moment of arrogance, the witch might have felt his haughtiness breathe down on her, or maybe it was all pre-planned before, it is hard to tell, that she pulled a hair from his body amidst one crazy tumult.

Aftermath Witch Encounter

The litter was brought down, and the groom emerged chasing paved-elbowed ways for him to pass through. Marriage rituals began and it was all going on the way it was planned, except that the brother of the groom wasn’t feeling quite well.

animation of a man falling to witchcraft in an indian wedding scary witch stories witch encounter

He sat down, almost fell with a head full of fever and eyes red in pain. The skin on his body filled up with instant boils that seemed to have come out of nowhere. He fell there on the ground with a carbuncle ridden body, and everyone stared at him puzzled. They found him a bed and rested him enquiring. But he couldn’t say a word. He shook like a shriveled leaf in the fall.

A doctor was immediately called for. Injections stared at him with naked eyes, but still everything went in vain. Then somebody wiser than the poor village doc, looked at him and asserted it was a clear case of witchcraft. As soon as he mentioned that, hushed voices began heaving up. They claimed that they had seen that old witch lady when the palanquin was brought in. Maybe it was her doing. Someone said:

“Piss off! She was just an old lady.”

Others joined in filling the air with unleashed credence. Then somebody suggested if it is witchcraft, the only way it can be dealt with is by calling the village Shaman.

The Witch Doctor

The family of the poor lad agreed, and the witch doctor was summoned. When the shrunken Shaman arrived he went into a trance first, then offered the sick man something wrapped in a leaf. Some voodoo rituals followed, to which some coughed “Baloney!” Whilst the majority of the multitude stared at in rapt attention with their jaws wide open.

When he was done, the brother of the groom seemed to feel better. It was like magic. He was talking now, and the blisters on his body abated quickly. His reddened eyes sparkled like a diamond. Within hours he became healthy like a horse. The witch doctor had worked like an antidote on him.

The Follow-Up

Reaping in a lot of gratitude and a hushed bundle of cash, the Shaman returned to his old hut. It was an old unfrequented dilapidated thing on the outskirts of the village. No soul stirred as he rapped on the door. His wife, the old lady from the crowd, the witch, opened the door.

“It’s done!” said the witch doctor looking at her. A smile ensued. Nobody knew that the witch had actually married her profession. The odd pair was getting by just fine lately. The witch doctor turned around to ensure if he wasn’t followed, and then closed the door behind their hidden necromancy.


Even now when someone tells me such scary witch stories and that witches and witchcraft are capable of messing with one’s body, I consider it a load of bull. In undeveloped villages and towns there are still a lot of blind believers, who will first hire a witch doctor to treat a disease. There first guess is always that a disease is a clear case of witch encounter. That they are literally living scary witch stories in reality.

Is witchcraft real? I don’t know. All I know is that’s how it spreads, the madness which till date lurks in every corner of the world. Then again who knows, maybe it could all be true.

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