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The Squeaky Door is an account that I relate most often to my laptop video recording days. This takes me back to the scariest haunted house I came across during my college days. There was nothing out of the ordinary about it when I first moved into it, but as days passed, things began to change its normal course. I realized I had unknowingly wound up in a haunted house and it was definitely the scariest haunted house I had ever come across.

Whenever I think of my scariest haunted house experience, all I can hear is a noise, a noise I feel has been forever lodged in my brain and I can’t seem to write it off. It’s the noise of a squeaky door. I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Here’s my account of the scariest haunted house I encountered:

The Scariest Haunted House Story

Back in my college days when I was somehow scampering towards my fourth semester, I moved to a rental flat that was located at a strange location. The grounds were owned by BHEL, a leading powerplant manufacturer in India. They have their own government quarters raised in a colossal land for employees, who often rent it out to students. They are separate units constructed in sets of 2 to 4 with a lot of vegetation growing around.

Mine was one such forlorn unit. It was surrounded by trees, shrubbery grew around its porch. A small pleasant garden rolled in front. But if you took a walk in its interiors, that’s when you realized all that garden-like lavishness was simply a bluff.

Doors creaked. There was a constant dampness in the ceiling and walls. Edges of bathroom doors were buried in fungi. In short, quite a ramshackle affair that was somehow standing.

There was a backyard too, that housed a big tree right in the middle of it. On special occasions when my friends visited, they would dangle on its strappy branches.

I was broke. So, I took it, since the rent felt minimal to my pockets. It was alright for one person, I felt okayish living in a squeaky house that didn’t seem at first to be packing in any surprises.

Days passed by, college happened during weekdays. I would wake up early and storm off to the college and come back only in the evening. Sometimes I went out for a stroll to talk to my parents at night. Weekends I was all alone and usually by myself.

The Glitch

Mind is a wonderful thing. It works fine when you are not paying attention to things happening around, and then when you do, it somehow hooks to that one little thing that calls for your utmost attention. Then all your focus, all that spotlight, highlights you the minutiae of life.

Somehow in the back of my mind, things started to seem funny. I began noticing something fishy going on in the house. When I would not be wearing my headphones, the house would speak in the dead of the night. Leaves out there rustled, as if there was an animal prancing on its branches. The garden in the front throbbed as if someone was plucking all the flowers. The squeaky door in my house would creak every single night whenever I went to bed. But I would always be too tired to go looking, and sometimes too scared to bother.

gif animation of a squeaky door from the scariest haunted house

I was having trouble sleeping for days but I didn’t raise any panic alarm. Primarily because college was punishing and I was always tired. I would feel grateful that whenever I closed my eyes it would always disclose only in the morning. I was only stuck with a faint taste of a dream that I would always forget by the time I would reach for my toothbrush.

But the most unusual thing began happening soon enough. I felt, in the back of my mind of course, whenever I came from college, things were never in order. They weren’t in the state I used to leave them in. I wasn’t really spending a thought in that direction until one day I decided to.

The Experiment

It was exciting for me, like having my own little science experiment. I took out my laptop opened the video recording software, checked if it was working properly before leaving it on my bed. When I came back in the evening, I was surprised to see sheets disarranged. Clothes lying around. I noticed my window was open.

“Ah! The Wind!”

Curious to see what I had captured I jumped on my bed, picked up my laptop, but found it switched off. I had forgotten to put it on charge. How stupid of me!

I switched it on once again, quested my video, and then began watching. I saw myself humming a song trying to open files and folders on my laptop before disappearing for college. Then, I heard myself locking the door shut. It became quite after that. I watched for two to three minutes then fast forwarded since things were starting to appear pretty bland.

The Squeaky Door

Then suddenly I heard something, that same familiar noise of door squeaking that I hear every night. It was followed by a thud. I recoiled on my bed, as I heard the real one answer it. Yes, the same door creaking noise was answered immediately with another loud creak that shook the whole house.

I went to check this time, towards the screeching bathroom door. In the process I forgot to pause the video. I moved on slowly as I reached the door, while in the background that squealing noise continued to come from my laptop. When I reached there, I saw my bathroom door shut. It was properly bolted.

“What the hell?”

Scared I retreated towards my room. But my legs stopped when I saw an old woman standing next to my laptop. She seemed to be sniffing it as my laptop shrieked and creaked every few seconds or so.

Time had stopped for me. There was no stopping me as I turned around to run towards the main door. I blasted it open in the process scrambled to get hold of myself. I rolled over in my garden turning around to look if I wasn’t followed. Then I ran all the way across till I reached my friend’s house telling him everything in uncontrollable gasps.

The Pack Up

With five to six friends I returned to the same spot. I refused to get in. Whilst they searched the house for any kind of intrusion. Failing to find anyone there, they locked it up brought my essentials to me, as I returned with them unable to sleep.

That creaking voice rang like a bell in my head the whole night.

Two of my good friends then took the next day off for me, and decided to move me out that very day. I called up the owner, told him about the place. He laughed at me, then at my face when he met me for the keys. I didn’t care of what he said or thought. I just had to get the hell out of there.

When I was ready to leave, I took one good look at the house wondering what mystery possibly lurked in its bleakness.

That was the last time I ever saw that house, the scariest haunted house I have ever been to, nay lived into. I turned around with my packed bags never to return again.

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