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The Orchard Ghost story comes from the inscrutable category of real life scary stories. The fact that the ghost story happened to none other than a friend’s father takes out the equation of deception almost at once.

Real life scary stories are terrifying, because they have happened. They leave you open for formidable possibilities. The fear factor that says:

“Something similar could happen to you.”

Makes it one hell of a thing. Real life scary stories epitomize that very idea.

What I fail to understand is if there is any logical reasoning to the story I am about to narrate. Read on to find out about the ghost story:

Real Life Scary Stories: The Vanshraj Backdrop

Vanshraj was a busy man. He would rarely ever get time to visit his own village in Kanpur. It was only during summer, when his children would beseech him to spend their holidays with the rest of their family, that Vanshraj would agree to paying his village a visit. He would then squeeze out precious hours from his timeline to meet his huge family in Kanpur. Vanshraj loved spending time with his family, but unfortunately it happened on an yearly basis.

On one such fortunate occasions, Vanshraj found himself breathing once again the fresh whiff of the innate. He made a Kanpur trip along with his wife and children. It was supposed to be another one of their yearly get togethers more like a family reunion meaning a respite from his ceaseless searing work. Children were busy playing with their cousins, and the men were out in the fields.

Returning from the Field

It was one of those hot humid days in the middle of an afternoon, when Vanshraj was retiring from his forefather’s fields. He was overlooking a recent paddy job that had farmers work day and night ploughing. It was the lunch hour for the workers, so Vanshraj thought he too would grab a bite for himself. Then probably return again to check on the work.

animation of sweat falling from head of a man hot day

Vanshraj wore a lungi and a t-shirt, still considered a deadly fashion combo in rustic regions of India. Besides it was hot as hell, lungi offers you a silent consolation of ventilation in excessive heat.

Towards the way home, there stood a bunch of trees that people were supposed to cross. It was an orchard that was thoroughly thick and dense, owing to its voluminous leaves. Lost in thought Vanshraj was walking on the paved trail that was to lead him to the route towards his home.

The Ghost Attack

Out of the blue, he felt lifted. He went few feet up above the ground before he could even make sense as to what was happening. When he realized that something was pulling him up inadvertently, he decided to fight back. As a result of that minor scuffle, he fell to the ground, knees first. Grazed a little, he looked around with dilated eyes.

There was nobody there. He tried to run at once, but suddenly it was there again. He felt the immense force, the pull that stopped him from fleeing. Something was pulling him down from the waist region. He realized something was tugging at his lungi. But for what?

Then it struck him at once he had rolled up some tobacco in the upper fold of his lungi. With the speed of lightning his hands moved towards the tobacco in the folds of his cloth. The unseen entity was trying to open the folded drape of his lungi, pulling at it, tugging it with all its might. He could feel that it was right at the spot where he had pocketed his tobacco.

real life scary stories animation of tobacco and lungi

Vanshraj then unrolled the cloth, and took some tobacco out of it and with a pinch of his finger dropped it on the ground.

As he did that, he felt the pressure being lifted from him all of a sudden. Then sensing the sudden upheaval of the environment, he made a run. And ran for his life till he reached his home again safe. He then told everyone about it, and showed his family the wounds on his knees that left everybody in goosebumps.

The Final Verdict

Since, this ghost story comes from a friend and was experienced by his father, it is hard to reason with it. Primarily because that would be offensive. You can’t help but notice how a ghost is connected to tobacco. A similar story about ghosts and tobaccos you can read here: Ghost stories by Granny | Pandubba – The Water Ghost

That brings us to the question what is with the addiction? The addiction that doesn’t change their wont, even after they are dead. Even though it sounds a tad laughable, it is really strange and hard to overlook.

Special Thanks to Abhitosh Kumar

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