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I have met many who claim to have come across a real life ghost. Real life ghost sightings are not rare. In fact there are thousands who bluntly assert their existence. Their ghost stories make me question the probable glitch in our order. That extant disarray, the presence of which is widely satisfying, because the mundane just reeks of boredom.

Amongst so many stories of real life ghost sightings that I have come across, I don’t rule out this one at all. Sometimes in small minute details entwines big stories that could take any form. One of those primary reasons that I plan to pen everything I find. Who knows we could be on to something?

This comes straight from our collection of real life ghost sightings. Read on:

Real Life Ghost Sightings: The Nora Story

Nora was a kid back then, hardly 5 years old when she had witnessed something unusual happen. She claims this with an element of doubt now, primarily because she is all grown up; a lot of reasoning tries to overpower her. But even now when she tries to explain it, she could distinctly remember the event as if it all had happened only yesterday. Goosebumps titillate her body, as she unfolds the events of that eve that she can’t ever possibly forget.

The Arrival of Dusk

The sun broke loose, and was retiring miffed by one long day. It was those dusky hours wherein the world is making the least sense. Exhaustion was evident on its gloomy face.

Nora was busy playing, giving finishing touches to her routine outdoor games, that would always run non-stop if it weren’t for her regular mommy calls. She was almost done when she heard the voice of her mother call from inside.

“Nora! Come here!”

Skipping as she would always go anywhere, Nora went to her mother inquiring what she wanted. Her mother asked her to fetch some clothes she had hung on a wire on the roof. So, Nora capered along the stairs that opened to their roof. She walked along singing and looking for what her mother intended her to bring. Suddenly in the remotest corners of her eyes she saw someone move in the field.

The Strange Stranger

The field that was overlooked by their roof was more like an open area, surrounded by trees. It was usually uninhabited and unfrequented by people. She was aware nobody ever visited the place from years of gawking at the blank emptiness that it tacked upon. The boundary would often find her looking at the naught ahead. She liked to place both her elbows on the parapet and palms on her cheeks to look old. Primarily she would copy her elder brother wondering at numerous occasions, whatever went in his head.

When she found someone moving around in that field that was never frequented, she decided to have a better look. So she blasted towards the parapet to see. But when she reached there, there was nothing there; the usual field stared back at her.

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She checked towards the left. Then she looked towards right, confirming its panorama with her little curious eyes. She rubbed her eyes too, as she had often seen people do that when they were trying to see clearly. But there was nothing there.

That’s when the concept of fear surged in her for the first time, and she became really afraid. She ran down screaming for her mother. When she was about to alight the final steps, she ran into her brother who was already heading towards her.

“What happened?”

Nora was exploding in tears. She wouldn’t stop crying. The poor little child could only manage,

“There was someone there in the field.”

Roof Revisited

Her brother took her up asking her to show her where did she see that ‘someone’.

“Show me! Show me where!”

She pointed towards the field crying.

Her brother went up to the parapet trying to see if someone or something was trying to scare her, and was still hanging around. But unfortunately there was nothing. The silence of the field gawked back at them. He stayed for a while scouting everything his eyes could prosper.

Nora was wiping herself dry, looking at her brother’s reaction with one eye.

“It disappeared. I swear I saw someone.”

Her brother looked at her innocent little sister, took a deep breath, then said:

“I believe you. Let’s go!”


There are so many possible scenarios here, that this story can be easily written off. But let’s not spoil the sanctity of the veracity this tale retains. If you have similar stories of real life ghost sightings to share, just send it all along through our Contact Us page. Let us hear more that skims this thrilling topic.

Special Thanks to Kumar Anurag

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