Next To My Bed | A Sleep Paralysis Story

This sleep paralysis story is one scary account of a friend who had experienced paralysis and lucid dreaming for the first time in his life. The so-called sleep demon had him running for his life but paralysis for what it is, completely stops you from moving. Read this eerie account to find out his bizarre experience.

A Sleep Paralysis Story

My night shifts started erratically. I did not see it coming but it was a welcome change. Primarily because we are compensated in the form of extra bucks to work through the night in IT, while the whole world is sleeping. How very satisfying, I thought. My hour anyway! I did not have to bump into people. They make life tough, living hard anyway. I congratulated myself secretly and got to it.

Unfortunately, it was short lived. A certain someone on my team was going through a financial crunch. He asked for it and I reluctantly dethroned. What I did not pay attention to was the spike in my graph of sleeping habits. It got terribly disturbed.

I was having trouble sleeping the first few days. One night I dozed off early with a heavy head.

The Company

I was deep in a slumber when my eyes flicked open. I sensed someone standing right next to my bed towards my left. Stock-still I sensed my body failing me. Too terrified to turn around and look at it, I sensed it furious. He was breathing heavily.

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My first instinct was to run towards the light switch to see what it was. That’s what I did. I sprang up and ran towards the switch which was next to my room’s door, then managed to press the button but the light did not switch on. I turned around to look and I was taken aback. There I saw my very own body lying there on the bed but I hadn’t moved a bit.

Within moments I was once again in my body, once again feeling the heavy breathing that was coming from my left. I was dead scared. In the background, my clock ticked. The noise grew louder and louder. I slept there helpless knowing that turning my head could be fatal. Yet I tried with all my might to slowly move my head.


But I could not move my head let alone turn it. The room began to grow darker. I wasn’t dreaming, I was so damn sure of it. Also, I wasn’t asleep. I was stuck in between, smacked somewhere between two different worlds. Paralyzed without me having any control over my body.

I laid there for a while trying to figure out if I was dead. All those terrifying movie scenes began to visit. Must be the afterlife, and maybe I might have ended up in hell.

Some more moments passed when I sprang back to life again. The first thing I did was switch on the lights of course. I turned around to look. There was nothing but my ebony cupboard next to my bed. But he was right there!

I couldn’t go back to bed then. The incident had me trembling like a leaf.

Special Thanks to Yash Gupta

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