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It’s weird how dreams of the dark never leave me alone. Once again I found myself becoming a slave to my lucid dream. My mind kept adding two and two together to compel me to think I was in an alternate universe.

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Lucid Dream of Parallel Universe

Every now and then I succumb to what the world brands as a clear case of sleep paralysis. But there is always that element of devilry knocking on my door under the pretext of depicting me a mere lucid dream.

Only recently during one of my visits to New Delhi, I was totally wasted and slept like a baby snuggled up in the world’s most coziest blanket ever, when that lucid dream finally happened. With that familiar flickering of the eyes I felt waking up into a different world yet again. I found a new sphere gradually taking shape. It was a lucid dream primarily because I knew and was aware that I was well asleep under the plushness of that blanket.

Waking Up in Alternate Reality

I woke up to what looked like an exact dimension of the room I had slept in. Except there was a huge mirror in front of me. Also, my friends that were sleeping next to me were no longer there. I checked the room by scaling every corner to ascertain if it was the same room I had entered. It was.

I knew I was lucid dreaming once again in the back of my head. That nothing I do there was going to affect the real me. Also, I was aware of the danger that always used to lurk seconds away whenever I would venture into that netherworld. But I was really tired, inebriated this time. I was really not in the mood for it. I realized I was talking.


I said to myself:

“Let the devil hag consume me. I don’t care. This isn’t real after all. I am too tired to fight.”

But somehow unconsciously, I was contradicting myself as well. It erupted in me that half-hearted feeling of fighting the demon. So I looked around for something to hit it with.

“Didn’t I smack the shit out of it once with a plastic bottle? I can do that once again.”

And I picked what looked like a rolled up paper, a made-up bludgeon.

In order to explore the place I was in, I had to first remove that ounce of fear, that walking demonic watchman from the parallel dimension. I was facing the mirror, in a perfunctory mood (exhaustion had me) with the lifted bat waiting for my enemy to come to me. I had broken the laws of dreaming after all. He must be onto me.

Dark Robes of Death

I stared at my reflection for a while. I looked like a distracted haze that was trying hard to make out silhouettes in that oblivion. Suddenly I felt the feeling of someone’s company in the room. In the mirror I saw a black robe emerge right behind me, it grew huge in a matter of seconds and engulfed me in it before I could even turn around. I felt the cold touch of death on my neck, and then around my chest. Something tugged at me hard and I felt pulled into utter darkness, whilst that powerless bat stood still in my hand. It all got over in a matter of split seconds. I could hardly react.

gif animation of lucid dream dark robes engulfing reflection

The force was enough to shake me up, waking me to tell that it was just a dream I was dreaming. I woke up to find my friends snoring loud. I was safe, well underneath the blankets of protection.

It was a wasted opportunity nevertheless, as I tried to think about it. Since I couldn’t overpower my nemesis this time, and the dream was over even before I dreamt it. Thinking then was too much trouble. I was too exhausted to actually brood about its dread. Soon I took a turn, tired as I was, dozed off to face yet another alternate reality.

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