Ghosts of Manor House Book Review

What a wild joyride! Ghosts of Manor House is an enchanting book that will keep you riveted right from its very first page. The best thing about the book is its ability to create slow horror, something we find missing in horror stories that we find nowadays. It stays miles away from traditional cheap thrills, lets you experience genuine slow scare, something that’s really crucial in defining true pure horror.

Theme of Ghosts of Manor House

Matt Powers delves into telling us a historical tale about a house that’s literally built on an agonizing past. What is worth noticing is the setup. It is so beautifully done that you can’t help but create an image of the tall oak tree against a colossal Manor House as you are flipping through it.

The book manages to create a crisp image of everything. It’s like watching a movie. You feel the angst as if it’s your very own. The characters are rock solid, very relatable. Dreams the protagonist envisions are just beautiful, forces you to stop and brood for long. They are boiling with emotions that help you feel what Edmund is going through.

Minor Issues

The only complaint I have is related to the suspense that Matt Powers tries to build around it. It stretches too much in the middle which becomes at times really frustrating with Lucas and Mrs. Krane trying to keep things under the wraps. While it seems hard for the protagonist to figure things out, it is quite easy for the readers to figure out. The suspense doesn’t feel like it.

However, the beauty of the book lies in its resurrection. He manages to uplift it altogether with an intricately thought of plot. The final climax is filled with theatrics that’s insanely satisfying to read. What is even wonderful is the way Powers decides to complete the whole circle by letting it meet with the prologue. That way the prologue and epilogue stay important and are complete per se.

The subplot angle of Mary’s brother and the clairvoyant are two of those inclusions that feel a bit unnatural and strange. Theatrics are deliberately layered and you can feel the weirdness kicking in whenever the latter is around. However, thankfully, those moments don’t mess with the original storyline and they let it sing unobtrusively.

The Final Verdict

We highly recommend you get a copy of Ghosts of Manor House for its amazing story. If you wish to feel some genuine horror and experience a brilliant nerve-racking ending, then this is the book for you.

More powers to Matt Powers!

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