Ghost School | The Dead Peon Story

I was recounted the events of this ghost school story by a vexed being. He was drunk when this happened, so there isn’t that morsel of sanity attached that could have possibly put some meaning to it. Nevertheless he told me the story, and I listened to it with rapt attention. And I thought this ghost school tale should find a page.

Here goes the story of the ghost school that took place in his remote village. Read on:

Ghost School Account

In a wild state of inebriation, drove Braj a ramshackled bike into the night. He was heading home and was all by himself. In a wildfire of a party he had back with his friends, he had almost forgotten that he was quite far away from home, and that he had to slither into his bed at the earliest without raising brows.

Braj had lost track of time in his jovial insobriety. He looked at his watch. The time read 12 AM.

“Damn it! It is the hour of the dead.”

he thought almost amusingly.

After fumbling with the keys for a while, he found himself driving on meandering streets of his village. They were supposed to lead him into the fields out in the open.

Thoughts of Horror

As he drove on haphazardly into the night, ghastly thoughts came visiting one by one. He had heard thousands of ghost stories in that wretched town of his. The one that bothered him the most was only one right turn away.

In the backdrop of his mind, he was silently aware of a haunted place that he was supposed to cross. It was a small dilapidated piece of a building, earlier a major chunk of a school. The school was shut down after the death of a peon some months ago. Ghost stories became viral thereafter which had every person in the town worried and dead scared. It was only after some ghostly sightings, unusual activities and the repercussions that had followed his murder trials that found the school authorities shut it down for good.

Going past the ghost school was inevitable. There were no roads that could have possibly led him to his destination without having him to encounter it. And to make matters worse, he was insanely drunk. One could argue, that state got the good of him.

Braj sweated profusely as he neared that juncture, the ill-fated mystery laden turn. He was already having fearful thoughts, the kinds that answer bazillion what-ifs.

“What if I encounter a ghost there? I am going all alone, that too in the dead hour. What if something attacks me? What if I end up getting possessed?”

The final thought:

“What if I find that dead Peon hanging around in the field next to the school?”

Just as that thought crossed his mind, he saw something move on the field. No, it was someone – a man dressed in white.

The Stranger in White

Braj had just taken the turn with a thought of that dreaded field in his mind. He wasn’t prepared to see someone on it though, that too so late. Or was he?

The moment he saw the stranger in white something unusual happened. He wasn’t prepared for it. As if subjugated by an involuntary inexplicable power, Braj swayed to the rhythm of the stranger. As if responding to what he was told. He killed the engine, and put a stand to his bike. He stood there staring at the man in the white on the field, Whilst the stranger stared back.

gif animation of bike passing by the ghost school field

Seconds passed, minutes, or hours. It was hard to tell. Suddenly the trance was broken. Braj got back on his bike, purred the engine again and drove off.

Braj went straight home, and slept like a baby. The next day he woke up to a resounding normalcy. There was nothing wrong with him. There was a faint memory of what had happened the other night that lingered on his brain, and the very thought of it sent chills down his spine. He had to tell someone about it. He had to share his story.

Special Thanks to Mikka Singh

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