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I get to hear tons of exorcism stories. Owing to the sheer fact that they are the closest one could get with the unworldly, I scour that area quite often. Steering towards exorcism stories leaves me vexed beyond limit. I often try to reason, but all sane strands point to religious propaganda. That’s where I am forced to step back. Primarily because that’s a very delicate area to touch.

Nevertheless I get my horrifying exorcism stories out of it, and that’s all that matters. Isn’t thrill what we seek here?

Exorcism Stories: The Haunting Victim

So many sleepless nights. Levitating objects. Karan’s house had become a hub of eerie happenings. He was a burly guy in his thirties, never afraid of anything. But the recent turn of events had him questioning his senses, and a tad convinced about the possible existence of the supernatural.

Things would fall all of a sudden. Curtains moved even when windows and doors were all tightly shut. Karan began leading a life amid chaos, with his lights always on to see what could not be seen. His mind was convinced of a presence. Whenever he would go to sleep, he would always encounter bad dreams, of someone trying to murder him in his sleep. It was enough to muddle him.

One fine day he decided to finally do something about it. Convinced that his house was haunted, Karan went to a learned pandit, who was considered amazingly skilled in exorcism.

Settling to pay him a visit soon that fine day arrived when the pandit was supposed to come to his house to check if there was indeed something out of the ordinary going on in his house. Karan welcomed him, showed him the drawing room and then went in to fetch water.

The Woman

As the pandit was about to get comfortable, expecting Karan to show up again, he was surprised to see a woman walk into the room instead.

The pandit hadn’t seen her show up out of the blue, but when realized her walking towards him, almost blurted out:


She came closer to him and then stood next to his chair, only to respond later, rather impolitely.

“Who are you?”

“I am Karan’s friend.”

the pandit meekly replied.

gif animation of the first wife exorcism stories

Seeing that the pandit was still groping for an answer, she replied rather bluntly.

“I am his wife, the first one I think.”

The Pandit looked at her quizzically, wondering what made her say that, when Karan walked in with a glass of water. Turning to face him, he lifted the glass, drinking he said,

“Do you have any kids?”

“No, none. I live alone in the house.”

Just then the pandit almost choked on water, and coughed twice or thrice. He looked at the woman to his right once again. A feeling of uneasiness clenched him behind his neck. He hadn’t realized he had been talking to a ghost for a while.

Without losing his calm, for he had dealt with ghosts on numerous occasions before, he asked,

“What about your wife?”

“She died an year ago.”

The Story Behind

The pandit once again with a furtive glance looked at her. She wore a blank expression looking at Karan in disgust. Then he prodded further:

“I am sorry, since we are dealing with things that we don’t have a proper grasp over, may I ask, how did she die?”

“He was the one who killed me!”

The woman tried to interrupt almost at once. But of course it didn’t affect what Karan was about to say because the latter couldn’t see or hear her. So he replied normally:

“Suicide! It was an unfortunate event.”

It was a terse remark intended to shut the Pandit up. However, being an exorcist he had to make him understand that it was none other than his wife’s soul trapped inside the house that was the root cause of all the trouble.

The Pandit inquired the poor dead wife as to why she still lingered. She replied she wanted salvation and that it could only be fulfilled if she could have her shot at justice.

Sharing what he had seen with an awestruck Karan, the Pandit asked him to elaborate the whole matter at hand. As Karan fed him more info on his case, he came to know that Karan was having an affair with another woman in a distant city. Things had kind of escalated as he ended up having a child with her too. It was a dangerous double game he was playing, until one day the first wife discovered about the brazen deception, and in the heat of the moment had killed herself. Obviously it was Karan who had murdered her, but that was the true story that never made out of the wraps.

Exorcism Conclusion

With Karan being his client and primarily a human being from this world, the Pandit couldn’t have possibly thought of giving the ghost what it wanted – revenge. Promising to help her, he created a circle with his mantras and asked her to step in. Duping her into believing that it was the only way to help her, he trapped her soul inside the circle. Then his incantations began, and even as the woman tried hard to get out of that spell, he was successful in sending her to the hereafter.

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