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This one creepy story isn’t exactly what it promises to be with its titular wink. It’s one of the latest ones that I was narrated, and has that renowned element of spectral that forces me to place it in the ghost stories category. This creepy story might force you to think how can we really stay discreet, undetected from a world that we don’t know of, when ghosts really don’t get indiscretion.

Unfazed by Time

Some people are really afraid of the dark. It could be owing to that gloomy oblivion that betrays the presence of the unworldly amongst us. The darkness around somehow makes the unseen hazier and yet palpable.

We have always feared what we can’t see, and dark is exactly where our eyes fail us. But it is a different thing altogether when you get hunted in broad daylight. You are not ready for an encounter because, “Hey! there is nothing you can’t see!” Everything is right in front of you. There are people walking around, there is that din of the city that chews the fear factor and spits it out brimming you up with confidence. Daylight is when you are not prepared.

Unfortunately ghosts are not familiar with the concept of time. Day or night it’s just the same for them. Their limbo eludes our regularity. They can walk in any time, anywhere, at any place.

Creepy Story: The Ghost Deck

Satish became a part of a similar ghastly creepy story once. He was a labour working on contract for a big organisation.

Satish was written in menial work. Limited education had left him to the mercy of those who exploited people like him. But he managed just fine, as the tag with a big brand sufficed. It helped him earn his daily bread.

It was right after having his lunch that he decided, along with his fellow friends, to take some time off to play a game of cards. There was little work left to do that wretched day. To everybody, the concept of relaxing with their favourite pastime seemed like a brilliant idea.

Satish walked towards his fellow workers wringing both his hands, and then calling them by tossing his hands in the air.

“C’mon! C’mon let’s go!”

And so everyone went along with him to find their usual spot under a tree. Cards were arranged. Soon the drawing, the folding, and the laughter began, and it dispersed quickly in the air.

The Possession

When you are playing cards, you lose track of time. It went on like that for more than an hour.

gif animation of men playing cards ghost deck creepy story

Suddenly when the game was at its peak, players saw something unusual happen. Satish fell to the ground with a thud. His mouth started venting lather of spits. He was foaming profusely. His eyes became red.

Satish’s cards laid there scattered on the ground, but nobody seemed to care for they were all busy trying to sprinkle water on him. He shook uncontrollably; No one seemed to understand what was it really that had him suddenly. He was normal seconds ago!

That fit appeared to get even more punishing with sudden bolts of pain. It became so bad that his friends decided to take him to the local doctor. The doctor after a thorough checkup declared that there was nothing wrong with him, and that he should have been fine.

Then out of the blue someone who had seen something similar suggested, it was a clear case of possession. That he be rushed to an exorcist immediately.

Ruqyah by Raqi

He was rushed right then to a Raqi, an Islamic healer who dwelt nearby. The exorcist sped up his incantations to finally establish there was indeed an entity involved.

Satish was pacified quickly with his chants. Ruqyah began with the same old routine of questions and answers, that usually starts with:

“”Who are you?”

It followed this time by:

“Why are you troubling this poor man?”

the healer asked.

“It isn’t me who troubles him. He troubles me.”

the angry entity replied.

On prodding further as to what was the ghost really saying, it was discovered that when Satish had shouted at the top of his voice summoning them to have fun, the ghost too had followed him. For hours it sat next to him, wondering if there was something Satish wanted him to see or do. But unfortunately all Satish did, was play cards. Hours passed and the ghost grew tired of him. That’s when it decided to get him.

When the story was out in the open, Raqi gave him something to drink. Satish drank it and gradually waved back to normalcy. Raqi was thanked, paid of course before Satish could be taken back to his home.

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