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Amongst brilliant creepy stories that I have encountered so far from word of mouth, this spooky story is quite unusual.


Horror lurks in silence, in pin-drop madness, when you are able to listen to your heartbeat, your infrequent breathing sounds, the ticking of the wall clock, and the crooning of a dog faraway in the dead of the night. The way it gets broken, almost instantaneously, causes repercussions in your head. You become watchful by mere ripples of a noise in your room.

The noise could be a result of anything – a tiny vexed insect trying to find faint hints of light, susceptible plastic bottles making air pressure effect noises, a lizard holing up somewhere for comfort, a rodent that has found its way in your home. But your mind plays tricks on you, and you don’t imagine what’s imaginable. You enter the incredulous territory by thinking maybe there’s a lady in your room who has stepped on something. You wonder if you wake up to go to the refrigerator, and turn around there will be someone standing there thirsty too, but for your blood. You are afraid the moment you open your eyes, somebody will be looking down at your face, breathing at you heavily.

But there are some creepy stories that will forever baffle you, and will leave you wondering for an answer. Whatever the case might be, you could always find comfort in: “At least you are not dead!”


There’s stark horror in movement, if it isn’t controlled by you. Like the scene in The Conjuring 2 where Janet Hodgson levitates into the drawing room in a matter of seconds. When you have no control over your body, and the unworldly takes charge, that’s when things begin to tumble down that scary junction.


One of my friends found himself in a similar muck once when he was sleeping in his room alone. He was fast asleep when it felt to him that somebody lifted him and turned him over to the other side. So if he was facing East, he began facing West. Just as it happened, his sleep trance was at once broken and he spoke up,

“Who’s there?”

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But the ticking of the clock and his baleful gasps were the only things that seemed to be around for company. He woke up then unable to sleep for the next few hours, switched on the lights to check for the intrusion but found nothing. Maybe it was just a dream, and he actually turned over all by himself in a dream with an imagination so strong that it might have seemed to him somebody intervened.

But the next few days weren’t easy for him. One night it seemed to him somebody sat on his chest. He woke up, his eyes wide open, but the pressure kept on increasing. The weight of the thing was so huge, that he felt being crushed underneath. His roommate slept in a bed next to him. So he tried calling him. With immense force, he shouted and shouted but nothing came out. He didn’t find his voice until it left him, and he came back to his full senses only to wake up for real and look around. Same story. Nothing was there.


Both the stories appear to me as hypnogogic affairs. I have often experienced this myself and to think that it must be a ghost playing tricks on us, I would say it is nothing but our body. A clear case of sleep paralysis and Paradoxical sleep.

Here is an interesting article on Sleep Paralysis: 13 Facts About Sleep Paralysis

I have entered some of my personal experiences of creepy stories due to sleep paralysis in the category “The dream book”. I consider it to be more of a portal into the netherworld (fanciful head, I know!) rather than a ghost trying to deprive me of the living.

Special Thanks to Jaydeep Joshi

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